The Infinite Spark of Being

Thoughts and the things I've learned.

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I’m sitting in the orlando international airport looking at everyone remembering that we have all been in so many relationships together. I usually think mother father brother lover killer etc but then I thought about it and we have all also been that really impactful person to one another as well. That’s really fun to think about. Have a good weekend.

Anonymous asked: What is the infinite spark of being?

At one point I spent a lot of time with Krishna devotees. The idea of the spark of Krishna in everything brought that to mind. At the time I would do Japa walks and as I was chanting I would picture a little glowing spark in everything I saw, birds, plants, trees etc So its a spark. It’s infinite. Life does not begin and end with birth and death right?

Pretty much…

I haven’t lost my mind through any of this. I just walked away from it for a while. 

Another great Cost to Coast AM interview done by George Noory. This is a great interview he did with Micheal Cremo about the history of mankind, the age of humans and the devolution of mankind form the Vedic stand point.